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Chun Li by PrettieZombie Chun Li by PrettieZombie
I have a lot of Archers textured paper leftover from one of my classes. I’ve been trying to use it up before I buy better paper just to be productive.The rough surface isn’t good for details and mixed media blending doesn’t turn out very smooth. Gross. :’C I’m going to call it butt paper from now on.

Anyways, Chun-Li was one of my heroines growing up, and she’s still one of my favorite video game characters. She also personally reps my childhood victory.

♥~Story Time~♥

When I was a kid, my dad frequently took me to a Korean/Chinese restaurant near his office. They had some arcade machines set up in the back, and he would give me a few quarters so I could play before the food came out.

I think I was around 11 when he made lunch plans with one of his friends who also had a daughter my age. I was thoroughly convinced she was a demon child sent from hell. Our dads sent us off with some quarters so they could chat. We played Street Fighter II and I picked Chun-Li. The other girl also picked Chun-Li, but she got the ugly alt pink costume that was almost as ugly as her little black soul. As she was whining “Nooo, you can’t do that. You caaaan’t! Stop! Nooo!”, I punched and Lighting Kicked the shit out of her. I won all 3 rounds, and I ate my bowl of noodles and dumplings in content. Childhood victory can be very sweet. Yatta, bitch~!

~The End~

-watercolor, colored pencil, acrylic, pen
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January 22, 2013
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